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Об АО «Коктас-Актобе»

Joint Stock Company “Koktas-Aktobe” is a diversified enterprise whose main activity is connected with production, processing, supply of natural building materials, agriculture.

The company is one of the largest producers of fractionated crushed stone, sand-lime bricks, construction lime, inert building materials – sand, sand and gravel mixture, washed sand, fractionated – extracted from quarries and processed at enrichment plants. The remains of our Anastasevsky deposit are used for lime , used in the production of ferroalloys and silicate bricks

Crushed stone of joint-stock company “Koktas-Aktobe” is produced at Mugalzharsky crushed stone plant located in Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region, 3,0km to the south-east from the railway. station Mugalzhar. On the territory of the plant there are 6 access roads, the length of 10 km, 423 meters.

Our rubble is known far beyond the Aktobe region, crushed stone is transported throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This high result can be achieved due to constant quality control of the products, attention paid to each customer, the widest range of produced crushed stone products in the region.
The food sector occupies a significant volume in the production potential of JSC Koktas-Aktobe. This is the production of the poultry farm “Ak Kus”.

The main value of JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” is a team of professionals. In all divisions of the company there are highly professional specialists with appropriate education and work experience. Our customers are willing to pay for quality products that look beautiful, well and securely packed. They choose a reliable partner who will not let you down, make products on time, sell quality products. Such a partner many consumers rightfully consider JSC “Koktas-Aktobe”

The company has implemented the international quality system ISO 9001-2000 and the environmental management system ISO 14001-2000.

The General Director is – Jakupov Turlan Bugenovich.

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Our values


We are focused on efficiency in achieving key results, since this approach is the key to the highest profitability in the industry, and we consistently support a clear focus on excellent service, high quality, social and environmental responsibility and continuous improvement in everything we do.


Our main priority is to protect the health and safety of all workers in the workplace. In the field of health and safety of labor, we practice a preventive approach,

and our goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness of prevention of occupational diseases and injuries.


Мы ценим открытость в отношениях и взаимодействии с нашими работниками, нашими клиентами, нашими поставщиками, правительствами и обществом в целом, основанную на добросовестности, сотрудничестве, прозрачности и взаимной выгоде.


Eco-friendly materials are a guarantee of health and longevity. We produce only quality and environmentally friendly materials! And this means that our products are safe for your health and your family’s health.

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