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Anastasievsk deposit

Anastasjevskiy fluxing limestone ballast pit is located in the Karagalinskiy district, Aktobe oblast, 120 km north-east from the city of Aktobe. The nearest railway head is 18 km south from the site.

There are two classes of metallurgy industry limestones at the Anastasjevskiy site: those usable for the lime carbonate production which is further needed for ferroalloys, and fluxing limestones which are essential for steelmaking and iron melting in both Martin and blast furnaces. Fluxing limestones differ from ferroalloy ones by the higher content of phosphorus.

Chemical composition

где, н.о. нерастворимые осадки,
R2O3 сумма окислов (Fe2O3+Al2O3+TiO2),
п.п.п. потери при прокаливании.

Physical and mechanical properties

Aggregate grain-size distribution, in mm