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Georgievsky quarry

Extraction and delivery is carried out from the “Georgievsky” quarry sand and gravel mixture, located within the floodplain and above-floodplain terrace of the river. Ilek, 3 km north of the city of Aktobe.

In terms of its quality parameters, the PGS fully meets the technical requirements of GOST 23735-79 “Sand-gravel mixtures for construction works”.

On the “Georgievsky” open-pit mine, a concentrator is installed, which allows to get washed, fractionated sand from 0.16 mm to 5.0 mm in size from the PGS, and an average sand size unit of 2.19.

Sand-gravel mixture is used as an inert aggregate in the production of concrete of various types, road surfaces.

Sand washed, fractionated is used as a filler for the production of particularly strong concrete.