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Concrete-mixing installation

The concrete mixture on interstate standard AUSS 7473-2010.

JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” has mounted an installation for production of concrete mixing plant CM-40 C (winter version), in the industrial area of Aktobe in the silicate plant.
Installation of an automatic control system ensures strict dose components for a given concrete quality. By the end of 2012 JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” plans to manufacture concrete products and structures – blocks, plate strip foundations, stairs and platforms, concrete stage, reinforced concrete ring, airfield plates. This project will receive products with high added value. Quality of the manufactured concrete predetermined materials used, production of which is produced from the quarries of JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” – these are fields of construction stone, sand and gravel, building sand. Processing of extracted rock mass is produced in factories and enrichment plant JSC “Koktas-Aktobe.” Coarse aggregate – gravel is derived from the diabase of Mugojarsk deposit, which is one of the most solid igneous rocks.

Diabase gravel is characterised as follows: – Mark of on the divisibility of the rubble – 1200-1400; – The brand of abrasion – I-1; – Mark for frost – SSE-400; – Resistance to sulfide and limestone dissolution, weight loss – up to 1%; Fine aggregate concrete – enriched sand is obtained by hydraulic classification of sand and gravel deposits of Georgievsk deposit. Quality parameters of sand: – Module size – 2.5; – Clay and dust particles – up to 2%; – The true density – 2.6 g / cm ³.

Depending on the quality of a given concrete mixture, it is used a suitable type of cement. At present JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” produces the following types of concrete mixes: BLS B7, 5, B 10, B 15, B 20, B 20, B 22.5, B 25, B 30, B 35. On all products we have a certificate of conformity. Delivery of concrete to the consumer, at the request of the customer, is carried by autotransport JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” (Concrete trucks with a capacity of 10.0 m ³) or by self.

Manufacture of fractional rubble

Having practical experience in the production, processing and marketing of Mugalzharsky crushed stone plant products, taking into account the demand and supply for this product in the Western region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Koktas-Aktobe JSC has embarked on the implementation of a new project – the acquisition of a modern crushing and sorting plant that will enable increase output by 16%, improve the environmental situation, the quality of products, produce crushed stone of the first group of flaxiness, which will expand the range of consumers and satisfy the tion of road builders. This crushing and screening plant (the country of production in Turkey) is fully equipped with an automated control system that reflects the entire production process, checks and records the work of technological equipment, prepares reports, which makes it possible to obtain statistics of the entire DSS for any period. The feed rate is monitored, which affects the performance of the line, start-up occurs from the touch panel, but manual start-up is also possible.

The DCU is equipped with an automatic loading system for wagons, inert weights, a cone crusher (METSO HP 4), which performs the function of secondary crushing of raw materials, both hard rocks and river stone, as well as a dust absorption system. Dust obtained in the process of crushing stone will be retained in the filters, and clean air will filter through the aspirator system and come out. The amount of dust collected is automatically controlled, collected in a collector bin and already after, can be used as raw material.

The power of the new line allows producing 540 tons per hour of fractionated rubble.

The production site for the new line is located on the territory of the operating Mugalzharsky Crushed Stone Plant.

By modernizing production and introducing innovative technologies, Koktas-Aktobe JSC is making sure steps to create a “green economy”, reduce the environmental burden on nature, increase the safety of the enterprise, provide healthy and safe conditions for its employees.