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“Ak-kus” poultry farms

JSC “Koktas-Aktobe” takes the most active part in the implementation of the program for the development of the agro-industrial complex. The main direction of the poultry farm is the production of broiler poultry meat. The processes of feeding, drinking, heating and ventilation are fully computerized and automated.

The technological process envisages all stages of production of poultry meat – incubation, growing and fattening of broilers, production of mixed fodders, slaughter and recycling of waste.

At the Poultry Farm in December 2016, a new slaughterhouse was put into operation, meeting all modern requirements for poultry processing industry. The maximum power is -3000 heads per hour. The workshop is equipped with a modern high-tech complex slaughter line of German production, the firm EMF and refrigerating equipment with a capacity of up to 200 tons, equipped with a shock frost -36 C. The line of the new slaughterhouse is divided into “dirty” and “clean” zones, isolated from each other. The process of slaughter of a bird consists of the following stages:

  • poultry
  • shock stun
  • cutting
  • scroll tank
  • peroschipatelnaya machine
  • machine for removing head and trachea.
  • removal of claws
  • override
  • line of evisceration
  • internal and external washing
  • re-aligning to the pre-cooling line

The pre-cooling line is carried out by airborne droplets at a temperature of + 0.5 gr. + 4 gr., The period of the presence of carcasses there is 2.5-3 hours.

  • packaging
  • shock freezing

Totally the entire process from the initial stage to the packaging takes about 4 hours.

The waste that originated in the course of the slaughter, served in the shop for the production of bone meal

The meat of broilers produced by the poultry farm “Ak-Kus” has a delicate taste and high nutritional properties due to the ideal selection of feed formulations. At the same time, the compound feed formula is formed by the poultry farm independently. Forages used grain grown on their own agricultural fields, the rest of the raw materials are purchased from trusted suppliers. All this makes it possible to achieve a 100% guarantee of the good quality of the components of mixed fodder.

The products of the poultry farm “Ak-kyus” meet the quality requirements established by GOST, for which there is a certificate of compliance issued by the AF JSC “National Center for Expertise and Certification”.

The company has implemented the international quality system ISO 9001-2009 and the environmental management system ISO 14001-2006, the product safety system HACCP has been introduced. There is a HALAL certificate.

The main consumers of the products are trading networks of Aktobe, selling poultry meat to the population of the city and large industrial enterprises using poultry meat in production food outlets.

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