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Silicate brick

The products of the silicate products plant of Koktas-Aktobe JSC, namely the silicate brick, is today one of the most popular building materials on the construction industry market of the Aktyubinsk region and the region.

Along with the growth of commercial development in Aktobe, the active implementation of state programs aimed at housing construction, the implementation of social programs, the demand for silicate brick is several times higher than its output in the local market.

The production capacity of the operating plant is 36.0 million pieces per year, the company employs 200 people.

In recent years, the plant has modernized and automated many technological processes, introduced new technologies to save energy, gas, water.

For its many years of production activity, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner, satisfying the needs of customers by supplying quality products, in full and on time.


1. Silicate brick GOST 379-2015 SUR-75/25; SUR-100/25, SUR-125/25; SUR-150/25; SUR-175/25

  • Linear dimensions: 250 × 120 × 88 mm
  • The weight of the brick is 5 kg, the average density is 1950 kg / cm2.
  • There is no parallelism.
  • Frost resistance 25 cycles

2.Construction lime GOST 9179-77.- 3 grades.

  • The active part of CaO + MgO is 80%
  • The amount of uncontaminated particles is 14%
  • Quenching speed – 5 minutes

3. Concrete, types of concrete mixtures: BLS B 7.5; GOST 7473-2010; AT 10 O’CLOCK; At 15; GOST 7473-2010 At 20; At 22.5; At 25; GOST 7473-2010 В 30; At 35;

Products with high added value.

The quality of the produced concrete mix is ​​predetermined by the materials used, extraction of which is produced from the quarries of JSC “Koktas-Aktobe”. Processing of mined rock is carried out at the plants and concentrating plant of JSC.

A large aggregate, crushed stone, is obtained from the diabases of the Mugolzhar deposit, which is one of the hardest igneous rocks.

Diabase crushed stone is characterized by the following indicators:

  • grade of crushed stone-1200-1400
  • grade on abrasion-I-1
  • brand frost resistance-МРЗ 400
  • resistance against sulphide and lime decay, weight loss – up to 1%

Fine concrete aggregate-enriched sand

Parameters of sand quality:

  • module size-2,5
  • clayey and dust-like particles-up to 2%
  • true density is 2.5